Back to work

I spent two whole days in two weeks on my computer. Everything else was phone, which is very limiting. Finally catching up on RSS feeds since I don't have those in a cross-device format. Work starts back tomorrow, the news seems to be filled with politics as usual. I know yall look down on folks who still have a Facebook account, but I keep mine around so my parents can message and see pics of the kids. (They live nowhere near us.) We've just done that for years. I did spend a few hours weeding out friends of friends and not so distant relatives on both fb and insta due to their constant sharing of disinformation. I got tired of reporting it all.

Also, about media posts. What on earth do yall post on linkedin? My husband is on it all the time talking to ex coworkers and recruiters and such about software and jobs. I guess I don't have anything professional enough to post about. Work and school start back tomorrow so that will be in interesting jolt for everyone.