Banana Phone

My son's iPhone finally died. He was using my husbands old one for the last two years. We don't have a house phone so if we leave him in charge he needs a way to contact us or 911 etc. Anyway since we severely use our phones it wasn't exactly brand spanking new when we gave it to him and in the last few months it's lost all touch screen capacity which means we can't unlock, reboot, etc. It's well past it's apple care help, and neither me or my husband want to add yet another monthly payment to buy another new iPhone. (Ours are both paid off, kid would be getting my phone and I'd get the new one.)

Then as I was looking up prepaid go-phones to swap his sim card into I stumbled upon the Nokia 8110 4G, a modern version of the old Nokia 8110 “Banana Phone”. This new version has things like Bluetooth and WiFi etc, but no vast app store or anything. The reviews on it were low because of this, and the fact the reviewers were all so young they've probably never used a flip phone. It was funny to see complaints about how long it takes to text using a numpad, or the lack of social media apps, or lack of selfie camera. Excuse me, this phone sounds great. A teenager doesn't need access to the app store or social media, they need access to us.

Anyway, I ordered two new ones off eBay. One will be for the kiddo and the other will be our emergency backup phone should one of our iPhones go swimming or get dropped on the concrete. Will report back with how they act.