Busy bee

The last two weekends have been spent visiting family for the first time this year. (Very small towns.) So I'm just now catching up on my bloggery. Work has kept me busy all week and while catching up on emails I caught one that had a spooky writing competition for employees etc from corporate. Being a public thing and designed for families they had several rules including no violence, gore, blood, potty words, etc. So while they had to be spooky stories they couldn't be drag out horror (the way my Halloween short is). It also had to be no more than 500 words. Now, I do a fortnightly flash fiction contest on a discord server where the limit is 750 so I thought I could bang this out easy. No. That extra 250 words is a world of difference. Managed to tell a story about a ghost wolf in 500 words without anyone yelling fuckwords or ripping out an artery. Good times, we'll see if the judging panel thinks it's as fun.

New puppy gets picked up this afternoon which means house needs to be cleaned and all the cables need to be taped up. It also means that when he stops peeing the floor we rip this 6 year old carpet up and get hard flooring.