Lower Keycaps

So back in August or so I got a set of SA keycaps for the GK64 thinking I'd love the super tall format since I type so hard etc. Well, they were alright but I still managed to tap the edges of the top row and some of the bottom ones too. This new set is similar to an XDA format. The difference is the caps are about half the height, and are all uniform from every direction. I find this much easier to hit the keys I'm aiming for with this flat keyboard. Shorter caps + linear switches now it's even quieter but the action is much smoother (I found that SA caps wiggle too much). I also notice now using other folks keyboards how much I hate the plasticky tack from clicky switches. Gross.

Ordered groceries for delivery tomorrow. Went into walmart last week to get kiddo's iPad screen replaced and saw that they removed ALL the live cashiers and put in just two giant rows of self checkout stations. Glad I order from HEB 99% of the time. Speaking of kitchen things we cleared out all the cabinets, threw out all the old plastic and chipped dishes and replaced them with the new Fiestaware set. Made in USA glassware and such will be here tomorrow but I went ahead and tossed about 8 years worth of plastic cups and junk dishes while I was at it.

Finished a bit of flash fiction this weekend, I'll put it up on MOSFET tomorrow around lunch probably.