New site ready, grab the RSS

Alright, I finally got the new site up and running this afternoon. Consolidated some things, got the old posts imported, still need to go through each one to re-add the images but that's not vital. I am debranding all the “JetGirl” stuff that I've been using for... over a decade now. Time for a more professional look.

What does that mean for this blog? Welp, I'm going to start blogging over there. You'll recognize Kev's simple.css layout however it is being used on a Wordpress install. I've tried doing the whole GitHub Pages static site setup and every time it failed or I couldn't get permissions right on something. WP I can spool up on a droplet in minutes without problems so that's what I did.

New Website

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This account will remain in use for my MOSFET short fiction page. I really enjoy and it is great for simple things without images or comments, etc and plan to keep using it for this purpose.