New switches, less chock more thok

Hey yall, hope everyone survived Christmas. We lost our four month old puppy to a severe intestinal blockage a few days ago almost exactly a year after our previous dog passed away. Let's just say things could be better.

Installed a video doorbell and smart thermostat in my parents house this weekend, glad I know enough about wiring and such in order to save them the costs of an electrician for something so basic.

Got some new switches for my keyboard in my stocking. They're tangerines, making them my first ever linear switch. I prefer the smoothness of them compared to the tactile halo trues I had in here before, those thing pinged like crazy.

I've been so busy with everything this is the first time I've been back on my computer since last week. Two weeks off will feel like three days off but I can't complain. Gonna go read some of the books I got for Christmas.