Snow way

We got four inches of snow yesterday, in the middle of Texas. This is clearly not something we can handle so everything shut down for the day and school was cancelled for today while all the slush melts.

During lunch I ran up to a repair shop with one of the kids to get his old iPad screen fixed as a birthday present. (It is not cheap.) For the past decade I've been the one who orders a replacement screen on ebay, grabs the spudgers and heat gun, and repairs the phone/tablet myself. However, lately even with all my hardware abilities I can't repair these things without ripping a cable or pulling pins or heating up something just enough to melt a microscopic cap off the board somewhere.

Everything is glued together, clipped in place, designed to be fused together for the expected two year lifespan of the device before the battery gets spicy and you loyally bring it in to trade up. I don't care how thin a device is or how it's encased in glass, I would like to be able to undo a couple screws and open the thing up. Plastic enclosures aren't evil. Metal ones aren't either but – signal issues, I understand. Just, let me fix things.