Watchin' Documentaries

I love a good documentary. Something about watching a show about real people and real events is just so nice these days. No stilted language, no overacting, no canned responses. Anyway, you can find a handful of them on Netflix or Hulu but I find the real gems are on Prime Video. For some reason Prime has some off the wall and very indie stuff. You've got a 50/50 chance of it being totally amazing or unwatchable. Most of the good ones are the PBS documentaries that recently got paywalled (But it's not too bad). Anyway, these are the ones I've watched recently that are very good:

The Booksellers This is a doc covers the antiquarian bookshop scene in New York. It covers the various things book collectors look for and what makes an old book valuable.

Gamemaster This one follows a handful of independent tabletop game developers. (Not to be confused with TTRPG's or D&D stuff.) They have the guy who invented Settlers of Catan, the Exploding Kittens guys, all kinds of cool stuff and insights into how these games get made.

The Last Blockbuster Ok so this one isn't included in prime but can be rented for $5. It's worth the rental if you are one of us folks who used to rent tapes on the weekends. Yes there is one Blockbuster left, holding on for dear life.